What do you have to give?

My husband recently said that the world would be a better place if people wouldn't ask "What can I get out of this world?," but instead, "What can I give?"

As an artist I'm so thankful and blessed to have the ability to see deeper into things, to use my imagination to create and solve.

And, as a mother, I feel how fast our babies just grow in a blink of an eye. No matter how much you want to control it, there's nothing you can do to slow life down.

How time tricks us.

You think you will remember the way your son laughs. The way your husband places your head so gently on his chest. Or maybe you just know you will always remember the way your wife looked when she was handed her first baby.

But so often, we don't. I realised what it is that I have to give. These moments we live are tiny, but the way they all fit together tells a story. A heritage. And through a photograph, I can capture that heritage. I can capture the emotion, the details, the connection. The raw. Then we can create something beautiful from those images. Beautiful memories that you can keep for years to come.

A relic, treasured by your children's children. So what can I give? What do I desire for you to have?

Your heritage, held.


“Maria you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing such special photos of our little family. You made us all feel so comfortable and were so great with our little one! Thanks for helping us with positions so we didn’t feel awkward and uncomfortable one bit. Everyone has said how amazing the photos are. You are so talented and such a lovely person! Highly recommend!”

“Would highly recommend Maria for any photography needs! She’s so passionate about what she does, it’s incredible! We had a new born shoot done and she was amazing with our little 7 day old and the photos turned out amazingly.”

“Over the past 3 years Maria has captured some of the most beautiful moments in our lives. We absolutely love the maternity photographs and the photos she took of our two children. You have done a spectacular job, Maria! Thank you for creating such special memories.”